Monday, December 3, 2012

Nuby Nibbler Review!

The Nuby Nibbler is a great tool when it becomes time to introduce solid foods into your baby's diet!  The Nuby Nibbler has a hygienic cap to keep the mesh bag clean before use and helps to prevent messes after use if you are out and about. We first used this product to give Channing frozen breast milk at around 3-4months old when he was in the early stages of teething. At first he had a little bit of trouble guiding it into his mouth, he quickly learned and is now a pro! We now use it to give chunks of avocado, apples and other fun foods. The Nibbler has a twist and lock feature to make this super safe for babies to use but yet very easy for parents to assemble.
The Nuby Nibbler is a handy item to have when it comes to introducing your child to solid foods. My Son LOVED chewing on frozen breast milk during his early stages of teething and this product made it safe for him to do so!  You can purchase the Nuby Nibbler at for $3.99

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  1. Baby nibbler helps baby to eat foods without the risk of choking.