Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NUBY Easy Go Suction Bowl & Spoon Review

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl with Spoon - fuschia, one size
The Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl & Spoon is a great on the go product or great for use in the home too! We just got the chance to try ours out during Channing's first cereal experience! Out of excitement, he kept grabbing for the bowl. I was very happy to see that the suction cup bottom kept the bowl securely stationed on his highchair tray! Since then, It has come in very handy to pour dry cereal in while we are on the go. The lid attaches very tightly and the spoon snaps perfectly in place on the top of the lid. This is a neat feature because it keeps the spoon clean and it prevents it from getting lost at the bottom of the diaper bag. I did have a little trouble snapping the lid back on but once the lid is on, it is on very tightly and wont be just popping off! We highly recommend this product!
As always, this Nuby product is BPA free.
(The spoon in the photo is not the spoon that comes with this product.)
Unfortunately the spoon that came with the bowl hit the floor shortly after we got started. It was a bummer because it worked much better than this spoon!
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