Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nuby One-Touch Electric Warmer & Sterilizer Review!

The Nuby One-Touch Electric Bottle And Food Warmer

Safely and evenly warms breast milk, formula and baby food
I asked my husband which Nuby product that he would be most interested in trying out and this product quickly came to his mind. He disliked that our little guy had to wait so long for his bottles to warm in a cup of warm water. The Nuby One-Touch Electric Bottle and Food Warmer quickly became a favorite Nuby product in our household.
I've heard many families say that they purchased a bottle warmer and never used it because it was more of a hassle than anything. I would have to disagree. The Nuby One-Touch Electric Bottle and Food Warmer makes our job easier and gets the job done very quickly. It also doubles as a sterilizer which has come in very handy.
To use this product:
  1. Simply plug the warmer in
  2. Add recommended amount of water with the attached measuring cup
  3. place container (bottle etc) in warmer
  4. Push the start button!
It really is as simple as that and does not take long for the bottles to come out at the perfect tempurature. The Nuby One-Touch Warmer & Sterilizer is very modern looking and does not take up much counter space. We do put our unit away when not in use but it is fairly small and easily stores in our lazy susan. I love that when the warmer is done, it automatically switches off which prevents over warming! The best part is that this product can accommodate many different sized bottles including wide based bottles.
One-Touch™ Electric Warmer & Sterilizer
The Nuby One-Touch Electric Bottle and Food Warmer comes with a handy chart that tells you exactly how much water to use based on the size and temperature of the item you wish to heat. I taped this chart on the inside of our cabinet that hold Channing's bottles.
We highly recommend The Nuby One-Touch Electric Bottle and Food Warmer!
I received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product. All opinions expressed are my own!

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