Thursday, October 18, 2012 Review! offers many great breastfeeding products for nursing moms! Their newest product addition is the Fenugreek supplement.
 Fenugreek for Breastfeeding Mothers
"Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is an annual herb native to the Mediterranean region of the world. Fenugreek is used throughout the world as a culinary spice and has been used by women for centuries as a "galactagogue" - a natural product to increase the production of breast milk. Fenugreek contains diosgenin, a plant-based estrogen, which has been shown to increase milk flow in lactating women to help support breast milk production."
My Thoughts: I started to notice an increase in my milk supply within a week of using this great product. I took two capsules a day and by the end of the first week I was make almost 2oz more at each pumping session. After a couple of weeks of using this product I have been able to take this product once a week and still produce the same amount of milk.  I love that I saw quick results and that I only had to take 2 capsules a day instead of other fenugreek supplements that require moms to take up to 8 capsules a day. I also love that these products are high quality organic supplements. Just like with any other Fenugreek supplements, I did notice a slight maple syrup smell after taking it for a couple of days. I would highly recommend this product to moms!
(Of course always consult your physician before taking any supplements)
Fairhaven Health Fenugreek can be purchased for $14.95 for a 1 month supply
Nursing Postnatal Breastfeeding Multivitamin
I was also able to try the Nursing Postnatal Multivitamin from
"Most prenatal vitamins do not contain enough of the specific nutrients that lactating women need to ensure health of both mother and baby."
I learn something new everyday! I thought that by taking my prenatal vitamins everyday after delivery was cutting it but I guess not!
" In recognition of a growing body of research that points to widespread Vitamin D deficiency among adults and children, Nursing Postnatal includes 700% Daily Value of Vitamin D (2800 IU). Once believed to be important only for bone health, recent research has revealed the critical role that Vitamin D plays in the prevention and treatment of a wide array of conditions, including high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, seasonal affective disorder, prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, rickets, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis."
My Thoughts: These vitamins truly make me feel great when I take them. I love knowing that I am getting enough Vitamin D and B Vitamins to support my baby and I's health! These pills are very easy to swallow and are not as bulky as most vitamins. These vitamins also have never upset my stomach and they dissolve easily! (I tested it in a cup of water!)
Fairhaven Health Nursing Postnatal Blend can be purchased for $15.95 for a 1 month supply
Once again I am very satisfied with! I have loved all of their products that I have gotten to sample and highly recommend them because they truly work! The staff is super sweet and very helpful! I was also very impressed by the speedy shipping!
I received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product. All opinions expressed are my own!

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