Saturday, April 21, 2012

Belly Bumps & Babies Review & Giveaway Event: Similac Simply Smart Bottles

The Similac Simply Smart Bottle is a newer bottle that I have found on the shelves at Walmart, Target & Toys R Us. It is also available to purchase online HERE! ($14.49 for 2 bottles)
I contacted Similac when I first found out about their new product. A member of their media team contacted me in return and sent us a couple of bottles and a formula cap for review. When I received the products in the mail, I was shocked to find a hand written note from a member of the Similac team. I thought this was a very nice touch and very personable!

At first, I had difficulties with the 8oz bottle leaking from around the brim where the nipple sits in the ring. I contacted their customer service with this concern and was walked through a trouble shooting tutorial which fixed the issue! The nipple was not placed all the way down in the ring to provide a tight seal. They were fantastic to work with and were willing to help in any way possible.
The Similac Simply Start Bottle has a rubber mixer on the inside that is for mixing and de-clumping formula. Although I am not using formula, I did try this out and it worked very well. This piece is easy to remove for cleaning and stays in place securely when in use. The bottle is also designed for an easy transition between breast and bottle feeding. This is my favorite feature. The nipple is a natural shape with a wide base. Another one of my favorite features is the dark numbers and lines for measuring. I have noticed that some other bottles can be very hard to read but these numbers are very visible.

The Similac Simply Smart Bottle also features an awesome venting system (Intellivent) that is designed to minimize air intake to help prevent babies from getting gassy and fussy. The bottle uses "Smart Close" technology to help prevent leaks from occurring. the ring twists and clicks in place. There is a blue spot that you will see through the window to let you know it is on right and ready to use.

The Similac Simply Smart Bottle comes with a slow flow nipple for younger babies. As your child grows, Similac offers different nipple sizes to fit your child's needs. I was also sent the On-the-Go powder cap, which is sold separately. It is great for parents who plan on formula feeding. It lets you take just enough formula in a sealed cap that snaps right on to the top of the bottle. I am all about products that make our jobs easier!

I received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product. All opinions expressed are my own!

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