Thursday, April 12, 2012

Belly Bumps and Babies Review & Giveaway Event: mombo from Comfort & Harmony Nursing Pillow Review!

There are many different options out there when it comes to choosing a nursing pillow. I was given the opportunity to review the mombo from Comfort & Harmony and I love it. It is the first two-sided nursing pillow and it has a vibrating feature that babies love! The Firm2Soft™ two-sided construction is uniquely designed to offer distinct benefits on each side. The firm side offers enhanced back support during nursing and just the right elevation for baby during breastfeeding. The soft side creates the perfect environment for baby to relax and is great for tummy time.
Compared to the Boppy nursing pillow, the mombo from Comfort & Harmony pillow is a lot thicker and holds it shape better. I really like that it fits snugly around my torso to better position baby. When using a boppy i feel like I need an additional pillow under it to support baby and after time the Boppy tends to flatten out and lose its shape.

The mombo from Comfort & Harmony nursing pillow is so much more versatile than other nursing pillows out there.  It is thicker and firmer and offers the vibrating feature. The softer side of the Mombo is great for babies to lay or lean on and the other firm side is perfect for positioning baby close to nurse! The vibrating feature is very soothing to babies especially ones that have colic. It is very easy to turn the vibrating feature on and off and is battery operated (C Batteries). It is stored inside a pocket of the pillow and is not easily accessible by kids.
I was sent the mombo from Comfort & Harmony Deluxe pillow with the Taggies cover and we love it! The cover is constructed of high quality material that is ever so soft for baby and has fun taggies all over the edges which most babies LOVE!
I defiantly recommend the mombo from Comfort & Harmony to others!

BUY IT: The Comfort & Harmony™ mombo™ Deluxe Pillow in the Taggies™ Fashion is sold exclusively at Babies R Us and retails for $49.99

I received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product. All opinions expressed are my own!

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