Friday, December 16, 2011

Nurses ranked #1 in Gallup's Annual Honesty and Ethics Survey!

Nursing has ranked #1 again in the Gallup's annual Honesty and Ethics survey. 81% of Americans agreed that nurses have a very high honesty and ethical standards. At the bottom of the Honesty and Ethics survay, one could find car salespeople and lobbyists.

Nursing is such a rewarding career and there are endless opportunities for those who do work in nursing. Nurses work can vary from bringing a new life into the world to end of life care to forensics to being an expert witness in the legal world. Nurses can choose to stay local with their friends and family or can choose to travel to world a bring the family along.

Nurses are needed around the world  and are at very high demand. A site called can help place nurses in jobs across the United States. It is a free placement program and nurses could start traveling as early as next week! In the unit I work in, we just hired to travel nurses and we are very thankful that they were able to be placed with us. Travel Nursing can be very rewarding and has great benefits.

I know many friends and family members who are travel nurses and they love their job and couldn't imagine doing it any other way. They make great money and can usually choose where they would like to be located for work. This would be a great way to travel to all the places you have always dreamed of!

Do all of you agree with the Gallup survey results? Do you find that Nurses are one of the most trusted professions? What other professions would you rank towards the top?

Disclosure: All opinions are my own honest opinions. I was compensated for this review.


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