Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nuby Paci-Cradle Review

Picture of Nûby™ Paci-Cradle™
The Nuby Paci-Cradle is a very handy device that is offered by Nuby! This handy case can hold up to 2 pacifiers and a pacifinder. It has a Flexi-Klip that ensures that it stays securely attached to a  stroller, purse, diaper bag etc. We love storing our extra pacifiers in this easily accessible case because it allows for easy access when we are in need for a pacifier. Before we used the Nuby Paci-Cradle, it took forever trying to find a pacifier in the diaper bag. The Nuby Paci-Cradle also provides peace of mind because it offers a clean environment as well! The Nuby Paci-Cradle is very easy to attach to the stroller or diaper bag and is great for busy on-the-go mommas like myself!
The  Nuby Paci-Cradle can be purchased at Nuby or
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