Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nuby Softees Cherry Pacifier Review!

Channing is quickly soothed by his Nuby Softees Cherry Pacifier!

The Nuby Softees Cherry Pacifier is a classic silicone cherry baglet that closely resembles mom's breasts. I love products that help prevent nipple confusion. Luckily, Channing is an awesome nurser and has had no issues transitioning between the breast and pacifier. We are still waiting another week or so before we introduce a bottle to him (When he is about a month old!). The Nuby Cherry Pacifier is very soft and flexible and has little air vents on each side to allow airflow. This helps to prevent a rash from developing on baby's face! It has a soft bridge over the top of the pacifier that could allow it to be easily attached to a pacifier clip.  The pacifier is available in a 0-6month size and a 6-12 month size and comes in a 2 pack! It is also BPA free!

I would compare this pacifier to the Avent Soothie Pacifier that many hospitals use. I like that the Nuby Cherry Pacifiers come in fun colors and designs where as the Avent pacifiers come in a few solid colors. I think that the base of the Nuby Cherry Pacifier better resembles a mother's breast compared to the Avent Pacifier. The nipple on the Avent pacifier is a bit smaller and slightly different shaped.

Picture of  0-6m+Softees Cherry Pacifier -cherry baglet
You can purchase the Nuby Softees Cherry Pacifier for $5.49 for a 2 pack!

I received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product. All opinions expressed are my own!

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