Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today only, Plum District is offering additional savings on their already discounted vouchers! By entering discount code SATURDAY40, you’ll save 40% off any one offer.
Step 1: Go to and add the Ecomom voucher to your cart, it is a $50.00 voucher, on sale for $25.00.
Step 2: Go to checkout and apply coupon code SATURDAY40.
Step 3: Complete your checkout; your total owed should be $15.00. (If you’re new to plumdistrict, you’ll only pay $10!)
Now, this is where it might get tricky, you’ll want to go to the website and spend it by the end of day, Wednesday, Nov 30th. EcoMom is having a sale: Spend $50.00, Receive $20.00 off; Spend $100.00, Receive $40.00 off; valid through Nov 30th, (details here). You’ll also get FREE shipping when you spend $50.00!! So…
Step 4: Go to and add $100.00 worth of product to your cart.
Step 5: You should automatically receive your discount of $40.00, for spending $100.00, when you go to checkout.
Step 6: Now, redeem your Plum District voucher and receive another $50.00 deducted from your total. You will also receive FREE shipping for making a purchase valued at over $50.00.
Total Spent $25.00 for $100.00 worth of Product!
 Make sure to purchase your PlumDistrict voucher today and you can redeem anytime between today and Wednesday, Nov 30th. 
Food, diapers, diaper accessories & gift certificates cannot be redeemed with this voucher.

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