Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Brezza REVIEW!

I've been very interested in making my own baby food for a couple of different reasons and now with the Baby Brezza this is possible and very easy to do! I'd like to give a big thank you to Baby Brezza for sending me a one step baby food maker. This little machine is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting to make their own baby food.

First off, Why should YOU make your own baby food?
The benefits of making your own baby food are enormous ...
  • You know exactly what your baby is eating (no "fillers" added that should be avoided)
  • You know that the ingredients are fresh and healthy for your baby
  • You can "tailor make" your baby's food to best suit his/her preferences and needs
  • You will save money (Homemade baby food recipes cost a fraction of the price of ready made foods. Studies have shown that you can save 50% or more when making your own baby food, with resulting savings of $500 to over $1,300 a year depending on the brand, the age of your baby and the amount of food consumed.)
  • Personal satisfaction that YOU are able to prepare home cooked foods for your baby.
Many moms or dads seemed to be concerned that they will not have enough time to make their own baby food... and I was one of those people.

I now know that it is not nearly as time consuming as one would think. The Baby Brezza is the only machine out there that has this one step process of steaming and blending all in ONE bowl. You place the food in, turn on the machine, and you can walk away! Its as simple as that.
Thanks to the Baby Brezza ANYONE can make their own baby food. The machine is very easy to use and comes with simple instructions and awesome recipes. The Baby Brezza offers multiple cook time options which gives you control over how soft your baby food is. There is also a manual blending option that allows you to choose the consistency of your baby food. This allows you to customize your food as your baby grows. You can choose from many different options. You can choose to steam and blend steam only, blend only, reheat or defrost.

You can order storage cups from Baby Brezza that allow storing, reheating and defrosting to be a breeze. These storage containers can fit right inside the machine to make it very easy to reheat and defrost!
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One of my favorite parts about this machine is that it is dishwasher safer and super easy to clean! This is a big factor in my book because sometimes the cleanup can take longer than the cooking time. With the Baby Brezza, this is NOT the case! Also, the Baby Brezza is BPA free!

The baby Brezza is compact enough to leave sitting on the counter and the food turns out delicious and nutritious!
If you have a young child or baby, the Baby Brezza is a MUST-HAVE item in your kitchen.
you can Order Yours Today at The Baby Brezza is an upfront investment but will save you a TON in the long run and it will give you the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are feeding your baby.

If you already own a Baby Brezza CLICK HERE! to find great recipes and cooking tips!

I received the Baby Brezza to facilitate this review. I have provided my own honest opinion.


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