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Double Blessings San Diego BeBe Nursing Pillow Review and HOT discount code!

(The Pillow comes in a nice plastic zip case for easy storing and on the go use!)
The "Boppy" used to be the only breastfeeding pillow that I had ever heard of . Some moms say they love it and others say that it didn't make breastfeeding any easier and that they could have done without it. I am a breastfeeding advocate and I believe that there are items that make it easier and more comfortable for mom and baby. I believe that these items are essential! That's why I started doing more research on different pillows available.

The San Diego Bebe EZ-2 Nurse TWINS pillow is an awesome breastfeeding or bottle feeding pillow and a MUST HAVE for mommies of twins. It allows you to feed both babies at the same time. It is the perfect shape and size for breastfeeding twins but yet it is not too big and bulky. The shape angles the babies so that they turn in towards the breasts which makes it easier and more comfortable. The San Diego Bebe pillow is very soft and comfortable. I love the added back support pillow (It truly makes a difference!) The pillow can be placed anywhere along the spine for added comfort! I also love the waist strap. All you have to do is strap the pillow around your waist and then go pick up your babies and the pillow stays there and ready when you sit back down! This is very nice because I'm always thinking I need more hands. This pillow is designed by Sandy Clark(a mommy of twins!) and has been perfected to be mom and baby friendly!

The Pillow is designed "Green" which is one of my favorite things about this product.

It is made of baby-safe, patented eco-fiber that is:
(no fire-retardant chemical additives)
-Phthalate-free (nasty chemicals that are used to soften plastics and make them more flexible)

The Double Blessings Twin Nursing pillow comes in three great colors.

I received the Key Lime and I adore it!

Key Lime, Mocha, or Lavender 

The covers are just as soft as can be and are secured with strong Velcro. Each of these pillows also includes a matching back support and privacy screen. Another great feature is that the privacy screen is able to be tucked away in a small pouch that goes around the pillows edging or it can be easily removed (with Velcro). The Privacy Screen is made of light weight mesh that is very breathable. (See Photo Below!) The pillow also has a pocket on the left side for holding any essentials and two bottle holders on the right side that are handy!

When I first saw that the cover and privacy screen were secured with Velcro I was a bit disappointed. Some Velcro covers I have seen previously on other brand items was cheaply made and did not hold very well. This IS NOT the case with this pillow. The Velcro used is some of the strongest I have seen.
{San Diego Bebe - also available for nursing one baby}

Double Blessings offers additonal covers for the twin nursing pillows including this lovely "Twin Print" For those of you having multiples!
Regular Price: $24.99

Sale Price: $9.99 (you save: 15.00)
(Nice to have one on the pillow, and one clean cover available for blurps and leaky diapers!)
  Limited quantity available so act FAST! 
All Covers are machine washable and dryable! This is a very nice feature!

Double Blessings also offers a waterproof pillow topper that can also be used as a burp cloth when draped over the collar! I could see how this could come in handy and it is only $5!
The San Diego BeBe Pillow is also great for Tummy time!

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for $59.99 (with promo code)
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A big thank you to Double Blessings for this review opportunity!
This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the product listed above. I was provided the Nursing Pillow free of charge and I provided my honest opinion. No other type compensation was received for this review.

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