Friday, March 23, 2012

Therapearl Neck Wrap Review!

I recently received the TheraPearl Neck Wrap for review. TheraPearl products were created by a doctor who wasn't satisfied with the old frozen pea therapy. It is a drug free way to reduce pain and inflammation. The Therapearl Neck Wrap is a  thin and light weight plastic that contains squishy blue beads that are fun to look at and really work for soothing sore and tired muscles. They use Pearl Technology which conveniently holds its temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes and conforms to your body even when frozen!

Upon receiving the Therapearl Neck Wrap, I popped it in the microwave as directed ( seconds!) and had awesome heat therapy. The Wrap is light weight and instantly soothed my achy neck muscles and relieved a lot of tension. I love wearing the neck wrap when I am working on the computer for long periods of time.  The best part is that the Therapearl Neck Wrap can be used over and over and can be used hot or cold. I think that the cold therapy will be lovely in the upcoming summer months for sore muscles and to help keep us cool when we are working outside! I also love how easy it is to clean the neck wrap.

For the cold therapy, the neck wrap only needs to be placed in the freezer for 2 hours prior to using.

The plastic covering that contains the "pearls" feels very thin. I believe that with misuse this covering could be easily penetrated (causing a big mess!) We have handled the product as directed and have absolutely no issues! The product should always be used as directed!

Product Specifications

Price: 29.99

Dimensions: 11.5 in x 13 in (29.2 cm x 33 cm)

Therapearl offers the perfect solution to relax stiff muscles and encourage blood flow and healing to targeted areas. They offer two great therapies in one product! I recommend this product to those who have achy areas that need some relaxation or people that currently use hot/cold therapy on a regular basis. The wrap is very convenient and easy to use. It works great in relieving sore and achy muscles!

Be sure to check out their other products as well! I think that the new Kid Pals are adorable!

received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product. All opinions expressed are my own!

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