Monday, October 10, 2011

Bubzidoo Review and Giveaway!

I am sure many of you have seen or heard of swaddlers and the great benefits to swaddling your baby. The Bubzidoo makes it possible to swaddle baby on the go to help baby sleep better when you are out and about.

Babies up to 9 months old are sent sleep signals when they’re swaddled. Swaddling your baby is easy  when you’re are putting them down to sleep at home, but if you’re out and about, it can be a more difficult task to get your baby wrapped and swaddled in a safe place. The Bubzidoo helps to solve this problem!
 The Bubzidoo is a special wrap which is designed to fit the baby snugly, wrapping the baby's arms. It can be wrapped around belts and buckles to keep your baby sleeping comfortably in their stroller or car seat.

I Absolutely love that the wrap is reversible! One side has small polka dots and the other side has bigger dots! The wrap also allows for baby to grow approx 10cm around the chest which means the wrap should last between 3-6months!
(I choose the Navy and I LOVE it!)

The Bubzidoo comes in four different sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large. It comes in five awesome colors! It is made of 100% cotton and is very light weight so that it can be used comfortably all year long. The Bubzidoo securely swaddles baby with a strong Velcro closure. It is made of high quality products and still looks brand new even after washing. (The Bubzidoo can be washed in the washing machine!)
Red Star Bubzidoo
Baby Pink Bubzidoo
Orange Bubzidoo
Hot Pink Bubzidoo
Navy Bubzidoo
Bubzidoo Step 1
Lay the Bubzidoo down in the car seat or stroller. (under the harness)

Bubzidoo Step 2
Place the baby in the car seat or stroller and buckle baby in as you normally would.

Bubzidoo Step 3

When you want your baby to sleep you can wrap the Bubzido over baby and secure the velco strip in the front! (easy and it works like a charm!)

You can purchase the Bubzidoo baby wrap (Retail Value: $33.90) HERE!
If you buy atleast 2 items, Shipping is FREE! You could buy two different sizes to last you a long time :)!