Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swivel Sweeper- PRODUCT REVIEW -


This awesome little sweeper only weighs two pounds and yet still cleans with the force of a 7.2 volt snap and go rechargeable home consists of all stained concrete floors with minimal carpet. I have been looking to find the right product to eaisly sweep my floors. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The compact sweeper has 4-quad brush technology that is designed to permit the brush to gather debris from all 4 sides.  It can also rotate up to 360 degrees.This  sweeper also offers a touchless dirt tray that makes dumping all that debris just as easy as can be. All you have to do is press the tabs and the dirt falls into the garbage.  They claim that this sweeper is for all floor surfaces but I have found that it does not work the greatest on my small areas of carpet (so i stick to the hard floors). A couple of times the dirt tray popped open while attempting to vacuum to carpet. I have never had this issue on my concrete floors.

The snap and go rechargeable battery can hold a charge for up to 45 minutes, which is more than enough time for a quick clean up before company arrives!!! Also, you can cange the angle of the sweeper to easily get under hard to reach areas!!

During a bbq at my house, a guest accidently spilt my dogs food bowl (leaving dog good scattered all over my kitchen and under my dining room table. My friends were so impressed at how easy and quickly I was able to "sweep" up the mess with my SWIVEL SWEEPER! I'd recommend it to

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